Let’s sew a tree

Usually I avoid to use IKEA fabrics, because you see them everywhere and therefore i find them pretty boring. OK, there are some really classy plaid IKEA fabrics which I don’t want to miss.

And there is one new fabric at IKEA that is very, very nice – a bit retro style. But the pattern is very big so it’s difficult to use it except for curtains or bed linen. Well, I really had to buy this fabric because I like it so much – but we don’t need new curtains or bed linen :-)

Some days ago I had an idea and here is the tutorial. It’s really simple and the result is very decorative.

Let’s start:

1. Drive to IKEA and buy a piece of the fabric FREDRIKA with the cute trees on it:

2. Cut them out and neat the edges:


3. Decorate them – just as you like it. They look really nice even if you use them without extra decoration:


4. Put the two halfs one on another – face to face – and sew them together. Of yourse you have to leave a little opening to fill the wadding inside the tree. Finally you close the tree by hand with the blind stitch:


And – that’s it!


You can hang the tree into a window, use it as a decoration or even as a pillow.

If you sew your own IKEA fabric tree: Leave a link to your work! I’m very curious :-)

21 Responses to “Let’s sew a tree”

  1. Valerie 18. April 2008 at 22:21 #

    What a great idea! The trees are so much fun! Thank you!

  2. CIndy 19. April 2008 at 06:27 #

    These are adorable! I love the fine stitching you did on the cherries and apples. Lovely!

  3. Mette 19. April 2008 at 19:49 #

    Thanks for sharing this great idea!

  4. Jeanne 27. April 2008 at 12:17 #

    They’re so cute! I really like your idea.
    Too bad there’s no IKEA here in my city. Perhaps I’ll find another fabric to decorate too..

  5. rino 2. Mai 2008 at 22:15 #

    nice! like the bird&apples. Could also be cool with a tree or two on a t-shirt… thanks for the idea

  6. erna 13. Mai 2008 at 17:47 #

    wow this idea is sooo nice! I so much like this fabric but I didn’t buy it because the print is so large…but now I may! jippeiee I’m going to Ikea :))) thanx for sharing!!

  7. Concha 3. Juni 2008 at 13:39 #

    what a fantastic idea! I know what you mean about IKEA fabrics but this year’s collection has some great patterns… I love your creations!

  8. Lily Bamboo 16. Juni 2008 at 21:29 #

    very cool!!

  9. Anna 30. Juni 2008 at 21:55 #

    Very cute!!!

  10. Gully 13. August 2008 at 19:37 #

    OMG I actually have this fabric, I´m gonna do this tonight.

    I wish I had an option of many many fabric stores with gorgeous fabric, unfortunetly here in Iceland that´s not the case and IKEA is the best place to go but HURRAY for online fabric stores :)

  11. Sarah 26. Februar 2009 at 00:02 #

    Sehr cool!! Tolle Idee! Den Stoff habe ich schon länger zu Hause, bisher noch ungenutzt. Jetzt weiß ich was ich für meine kleine Maus daraus mache :-) Vielen Dank für die tollen Ideen!
    LG, Sarah

  12. Irene 31. Juli 2009 at 03:47 #

    Fantastic!!!! This is whatI will be doing during the weekend!
    Irene x

  13. nicole 19. August 2009 at 02:46 #

    This is awesome!

  14. Anne Weaver 20. August 2009 at 15:35 #

    I love it!!! So very cute!!

    I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  15. Esther 22. August 2009 at 13:28 #

    What a marvelous baby mobile idea! Thank you!

  16. M 26. August 2009 at 14:29 #

    This is such a great project! I was just contemplating filling up those adorable little trees with beans of some kind to use as a baby rattle! How cute would that be?! When my son was very small I was constantly frustrated at the lack of fabric rattles around, and he couldn’t use any other kind because he was constantly hitting himself in the head. Argh! I’m definitely going to trial it and see how it goes…I guess you could put like a little bag of beans in the center of the stuffing or something. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for the inspiration!
    M :)

  17. luvinthemommyhood 26. August 2009 at 15:55 #

    Love this! Great idea! I couldn’t resist adding this to our link luv roundup today.



  18. Victoria 8. Oktober 2009 at 07:56 #

    I love your idea! I recently made some triangle bags with the same material. You can see the results right here:

  19. Marlene 23. Oktober 2009 at 19:26 #

    Today I have made one of the trees, for the back side I used fleece fabric, and I put a leaf and a bird in the tree. My friend thought that I buyed it in a store, because it turned out really nice!
    Thanks for the Idea! A picture is on my website.

  20. Sarah 24. Februar 2010 at 23:46 #

    here is the link to the wall hanging i made!


    Thanks so much for inspiring me!


    Dolly Donations


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